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Photography is the art of making memories tangible.
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Keep your wedding memories with the best wedding photographer in Delhi NCR! SL Art Production Team is all set to capture your once-in-a-lifetime moment. We like to tell the wedding authentically and naturally, giving importance to the narration of a story compared to the creation of individual images. The passion for the photographic story and the spontaneous documentation of the wedding is the main characteristics of our photo shoots. We, the photographer in Delhi NCR, here to tell all the emotions of your wedding! Spontaneous photographs and discretion in photographic shooting are our way to live and resume your most beautiful day.

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A wedding day is so full of emotions and precious moments that you want to be sure not to lose anything. Let's make it fresh, spontaneous and real just following the spur of the moment, as photo reportage should be. We want to focus on the authenticity of the event, capturing each vivid scene in its most genuine mood. Choose to have a visual story to remember, choose our reportage for your wedding. Have you ever dwelt on the emotions you feel when you browse your parents' wedding album? Imagine now yours, full of unrepeatable moments, looks and hugs. We as the best photographer in Delhi NCR want to be authentic & true. We create the story that speaks directly to your heart. They will excite you, move you and make you smile. Simple, clean and spontaneous images are the winning ones!


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