Capture every single second and every single emotion with us!

Our wedding photo shoots are tailor-made for the bride and groom, according to their needs and how the wedding day will take place. We a the best wedding photographer in Lucknow, like to study and plan the wedding together with our clients giving them advice so that it is a beautiful and particular event also from a photographic point of view.

With our photographic style, we will tell the real wedding day story, authentic moments of life, and lived emotions. No fake moments or influenced by my presence, no posed photos. As a discreet guests, we assist and live your day to tell it through my feminine and delicate photography, intent on capturing authentic and exciting moments.

We love intimate weddings in contact with nature, a fundamental element in our life. We love the candle lights, the wind in the trees, and the sky at dusk when it is tinged with soft pastel colors. Our photo shoot is suitable for couples looking for spontaneous photos with a romantic touch and evocative atmospheres.

Our service begins with the preparation before the ceremony, one of the moments that we love the most as it is full of strong emotions. The photos continue throughout the day following the flow of the event until you want to the evening dances. 


The service includes:


  • Our expert wedding photographer in Gujarat or any other part where we serve will make narrative shots of emotional reportage with me.
  • Photo shoot during the day: it starts from the preparation phase before the ceremony and continues until the beginning of lunch \ dinner. Our presence can also be extended to the cutting of the cake and the evening party with dances.
  • We will deliver to you in high resolution for printing
  • Access to the reserved area on this site with a private password that we will deliver on the wedding day and with which your guests and friends can, from the comfort of home, download their favorite photos through a private gallery. Alternatively, it will be possible to see the photos in the form of a music video slide that we will also deliver to the USB stick in mp4 video format to show to guests on the home TV.
  • During the appointment, we will put at your disposal my experience in the wedding sector giving you useful tips and original ideas to best create your wedding from an aesthetic and photographic point of view.

So contact our best photographer in the Delhi NCR office to know more!